Monday, October 3, 2016

Upcoming Pinup by Liz shoots!

It's been awhile since I've blogged! Hopefully I can get back into the habit because I have lots of great stuff to share!  First, I want to talk about what Pinup by Liz has in store for the rest of 2016! As we do every year, we will not be booking photo shoots in December in order to take some time to celebrate the holidays and start planning for the new year.  That means that we only have a limited amount of dates left to book for the remainder of the year, so if you want to book your own pin up and boudoir session, now is the time to get on the calendar!

Our private sessions are a great way to get multiple looks in one shoot, get one on one attention during your appointment, and you have the freedom to choose the themes and sets you want! You can do multiple looks, from pin up to boudoir or glamour. You can shoot at our downtown Tulsa studio, or if you would like to shoot at another creative location that can be arranged! We book private sessions on Thursdays, and with the end of the year getting closer, we are currently down to only 5 dates left for private session availability!  Check out for more detailed info and pricing for our private sessions!

Our mini session days are really fun days where we book multiple clients back to back.  It's like a pin up party! We have 3 mini sessions remaining for 2016, and they are all really fun! 

Coming up October 15th is our calendar mini session day.  We only have one spot left for this one and it's the month of April.  Whoever books will be published as Miss April in our 2017 pin up calendar, plus will receive a feature on the Pinup by Liz Facebook page for the month of April! If you want to be my Miss April, email me at to snag the last spot!

Saturday, November 5th is our holiday themed mini session day! We're really excited to be teaming up with a great pin up magazine for this shoot! Every client who books this shoot is guaranteed publication in the holiday issue of Calendar Girls Pinup Magazine, plus one lucky client who books this shoot will be chosen for the cover! We will have 3 sets to choose from.  The holiday and living room sets will be decorated for Christmas, plus we'll have a giant gingerbread house to pose with. 

Our last mini session day of the year is for the clients who want more of a boudoir look. You can go modern or vintage with your look on these sets and it will look beautiful either way! This is going to be a great way to get some sexy photos for gift giving, and we'll also have some specials on albums and photo products.  

All of our shoots include hair, makeup, access to wardrobe, and posing assistance.  No experience is required, and I can guarantee magazine publication to those who are interested in it! To book your 2016 Pinup by Liz session, email me at!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Our floral wall set! {Tulsa, Oklahoma pin up and boudoir photography}

I wanted to share our floral wall set!  This set is currently available as a choice to shoot with during private pin up or boudoir sessions. It photographs so beautifully! We built this ourselves and I'm so glad we did because it makes for some amazing photos. It's a pretty versatile backdrop and works for pin up, boudoir, or even more alt or glamour style photography looks. Want to book a session at the Pinup by Liz studio located in downtown Tulsa, OK? Email me at!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Session spotlight: Bessie Boutte

Bessie is a very talented burlesque dancer that travels around the world to perform and came to me to do a shoot for promotional purposes.  She booked a private session photo shoot with a sexy boudoir style set, a pin up picnic set, and we got a few head shots that she can use professionally.  She did her own hair and makeup for this session, and she looked amazing! I just loved this shoot! If you would like to book your own private session in our downtown Tulsa studio, or at another creative location, email me at!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Product review: Curlettes curlers for vintage hair styles

Over the last few years, I've really gotten more interested in practicing vintage hair styling methods.  Since curled hair is usually standard in vintage hair styles, learning the best way to curl my hair has been very important to me!  I regularly do overnight wet sets with pin curls, and if I'm short on time I do heat sets with a curling iron.  I was sent a set of Curlettes curlers for review and wanted to share the results with you!

Curlettes are handmade crocheted curlers, created by a retro loving gal in the UK who was looking for a comfortable alternative to curlers. They are advertised as "comfy curls for vintage girls." They are sturdy yet soft, and very well made.  Putting them in is very easy.  You just roll up a section of hair and pull the end of the flexible curler through the loop that is crocheted into the other end.   My hair is a little past shoulder length and thick and it took me about 10 minutes to put them in the first time, which is very fast compared to when I'm doing a pin curl wet set with bobby pins! One whole set of curlers was plenty for my hair, but I can see needing a second set if my hair was longer or if I wanted a style with smaller curls. The only product I used in my hair was Lottabody setting lotion.

The curlers are a little bulky, so I definitely noticed them when going to sleep on them, but they weren't so uncomfortable that they kept me awake, and they definitely weren't painful. I don't usually sleep on curlers, but rather flat pin curls, so it was a new feeling to me. The curlers are supposed to get a little more soft with continued use, and I'm sure that as I sleep on them more I'll get used to them being there!

I made one mistake with the curlers the first time I tried them.  My hair is thick and porous, and I know that if I roll it too wet it takes forever to dry. I usually let my hair air dry till it's about 75% dry before I start to set it. The first night I was excited to use them and it was getting late so I went ahead and rolled my hair about  half an hour after I washed it.  When I woke up the next morning my curls were still quite wet, so I sat under my vintage bonnet hair dryer while I did my makeup for the day, and then tied a scarf on to allow them to dry even more while I ran a few errands.  This night the curlers were in a total of 10 hours before I took them out, and they still never fully dried, but this was my fault because I know how my hair does and it wouldn't have dried in a regular pin curl set either! Even with damp curls, I still got a pretty cute curl, as shown below!

Two nights later, I gave it another go.  This time I started with dry hair and just spritzed it with setting lotion and put the curlers in and slept on it. They were in for about 8 hours this time. The results were so much better! My curls looked about the same as I do when I do a regular pin curl set with bobby pins, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  I'll probably still use pin curls in certain situations, but I'm definitely adding Curlettes to my hair styling routine! They are fast, comfortable, and put a really good vintage looking curl in your hair!

I definitely recommend Curlettes curlers to anyone looking for an option to curl their hair without heat!  They are faster to put in than traditional pin curl sets and give similar results!  Just like most vintage hair styling methods, they might take a few tries to get used to and to learn what is best for your hair length and texture, but I love the look they give! Make sure to like Curlettes on Facebook by clicking here. You can buy your own set of curlettes on Etsy by clicking this link!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Session spotlight: pin up maternity photo shoot

Bun in the oven!

Check out this adorable pin up maternity photo shoot that we recently did!  I've shared a couple photos from this photo shoot on my Facebook page and on my Instagram studio account but all of the photos from this session turned out so cute that I wanted to make a blog post to show off more! This client wanted something different for her maternity portraits and drove to our downtown Tulsa studio from Joplin to get a custom pin up session! She booked our Bettie package, which is a private shoot with hair and makeup and 3 looks, and had some really cute ideas that we were able to bring to life! She posed on our retro kitchen set, did a cute vintage ironing board set that she personalized by bringing some baby clothes that were special to her, and we did a basic pin up set with some cute props. Bootleg Betty styled her hair and Katie Belle did her makeup, and she was able to find all of her clothing for the shoot in our studio wardrobe that is available to all clients! I'm so happy we were able to provide this client with some really special maternity photos! Interested in booking your own custom pin up or traditional maternity photo shoot?  Email me at for more information!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stray Kat 500 {Tulsa pin up photographer}

I had such a great time at Stray Kat 500 2016!  Stray Kat is one of my favorite car shows to attend.  We like to call it Okie Viva.  There are bands, events for the pin up girls to get together and get to know one another, and of course cars. The town of Dewey, Oklahoma is filled with tons of pre-1965 kustom cars, and it feels like everyone involved in Oklahoma's kustom kulture is there! I'm honored to have a small part in this show by running the pin up contest, and along with my team we work really hard to ensure that the Miss Kitty contest is one of the best pin up contests out there!  I also did a ton of pin up car photo shoots while I was there, which will be a later blog post, but here are some of the photos I snapped while I was there!

Pin up models Katie Belle and Atomic Ann posing with a car
Oklahoma rockabilly musician TJ Mayes performing at Stray Kat

Pin up contest host Hexi Lee Voodoo interviewing contestant Lilli Koi during the contest

Miss Kitty pin up contestants lining the stage

Pin up contest winners, from L-R:  Miss Kitty 2016 Lilli Koi, 2nd place GenaLyne, 3rd place AJ Diamonds, and Pick of the Litter Jim Dandy.

Pop Skull Rebels performed

Pin up models Hexi Lee Voodoo and Bootleg Betty pose with a car
"Evel Midget" Mike Cook poses with Brian Lee Dunning's custom Batmobile

Two Tall Okies shop in Dewey, OK

Monday, May 23, 2016

Pinup by Liz tips: Choosing your pin up name!

Models who are entering in to the pin up world sometimes feel the need for a stage name to use in place of their real name.  Although a model name isn't necessary, some pinups feel the need to select an alias for many reasons - perhaps you have a corporate career, a private life that you don't want your pin up work to get mixed in with, or just desire general privacy and security when posting your photos on the internet or being published in magazines.  I like to say that many pin up models have been born in my studio because some clients have actually chosen their stage names during their photo shoots! I personally don't use an alias, but from speaking to my clients and other models who use pinup names, I've learned some dos and don'ts that you may want to remember when choosing your name.


- Cross search Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc, to make sure that your newly chosen name isn't already in use by another pin up model, a burlesque dancer, a drag queen, or other types of personalities. Using a name that's already in use by someone else, even if they are in another state or another genre, could cause confusion for fans and in work as your name grows.
- Select something that suits your personality.  If you tend to be a light and bubbly person, choosing a name that sounds dark and mysterious might seem strange, and vice versa.
- If you think that you might want to use pin up as a springboard for professional modeling, keep in mind that something too cheesy might feel less professional later on in your career, and once your name is established, it's hard to change.
- Remember that as you meet other people in the scene, you may begin to be addressed by your pin up name instead of your legal name. Many of my friends in the pinup world have model names and that's what I always address them by, even after knowing them for years! So choose something you enjoy going by! If you prefer to be addressed by your real first name, you might use your first name as the first part of your model name and select a fake last name to go with it.


- Stress too much over it!  This is all for fun!
- Change names multiple times.  Try to find something and stick with it!  Going through multiple model names just gets confusing, especially if you're really trying to build a brand for yourself under your model name!
- Use someone else's name.  If you have your heart set on a name and find that another model is already using it, simply find something else.  Even if that model works in another state or even another genre, you're going to find that even the international pin up community is surprisingly small and you want to make sure your name is original!

A few more tips...

Take the time to sit down and brainstorm!  Get out a sheet of paper and a pen and really spend some time thinking about it before you choose something permanent. I recommend maybe starting by listing your hobbies, favorite colors, qualities, etc, and going from there. Some girls use car terms, or classic movie terms, or terms that have to do with things they enjoy. Others use an older relative's name or the name of a classic actress or model who inspires them. Find something that's personal and unique to you! Here's a cute meme I found that may seem a little cheesy, but actually gives you a good place to start with some common terms used in popular pin up name phrases!

And because this is a photography blog, here are a few local models and their pin up names!

Strawberry D'Light

Miss Luna Raven

Vera DeLux

So there you have it!  After you have your pin up name, email me at to book a shoot! As always, we can guarantee publication in pin up magazines and help you get that new model name in print!