Monday, July 30, 2018

Miss June in the 2018 Pinup by Liz Calendar, GenaLyne!

Hello there! Due to our recent studio move (more about that later! I'm still in the same building in downtown Tulsa, just in a different office suite!) I've gotten a little behind on blogging and it's time to catch up!  Starting with last month's 2018 Pinup by Liz Calendar model, our Miss June, GenaLyne! Gena wore a cute tiki dress for her shoot so we accessorized the midcentury living room set with some cute tiki props! Only one photo was featured in our calendar, so here are the other photos she chose from her shoot! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pinup by Liz reviews: Influenster Cherish VoxBox

Have you heard about Influenster yet?  It's a great website full of product reviews.  Anyone can sign up for an account and rate and review products.  The more you participate, the higher your chances are of receiving a VoxBox in the mail.  What is a VoxBox?  It's a box full of complimentary products to try out and review! Some of the products are sample size, while others are full size.  It's so exciting to get it in the mail!  You can sign up too, just use my referral link by clicking here!  

This was my second time to receive a VoxBox, and the box I received this time was called the Cherish VoxBox. (To see my first VoxBox experience, click here.) It seemed to be geared towards moms and it had items in it that were useful to my whole family, and now that we've tried them all I'm sharing my thoughts with you! 

Here is the box after it first came in, with everything included.  Look at all the full size samples! The neat thing about this box was that there was something in it for everyone in my household, even the dogs! 

The first product I tried was the Pantene foam conditioner.  Although I've used Pantene shampoo and conditioner plenty throughout my life, I've never tried this foam conditioner.  I really like it!  It's not too heavy but works great with my thick hair.  Below is a photo with my hair styled after I had used it a few times. 

They also sent me some Mott's Sensibles Apple Raspberry juice.  I'm sure this was sent to me because I have kids, but mine are older and don't really drink juice anymore.  This juice has less sugar than the leading juice, which seemed like a healthy option for an adult beverage mixer, so that's exactly what I did, and it was delicious.  

 I had my cute hubby try out the Dove Men Care line of spray deodorant. It smelled really great and he said it felt great too!

 This is a stock photo, but I was sent a sample size of the Vera Wang Embrace perfume.  It smelled so wonderful and I will definitely consider purchasing a full size bottle.

My dogs loved the dog toy from Barkbox.  Junebug loved it so much she kept trying to sneak it outside!  

So there's everything I received this time in my Influenster VoxBox.  To see individual posts about each product, check me out on Instagram at @pinupbyliz! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Upcoming shoots and events {Tulsa boudoir and pin up photography studio}

It's been a little while since I posted an informational blog post, and so much is going on that I thought it was time for an update! First, check out our upcoming mini sessions! On June 30th we are shooting in a beautiful midcentury modern home located in Tulsa.  A full pin up makeover is included in the package with hair and makeup by Bootleg Betty and Katie Belle, and I help you throughout the shoot with pinup perfect posing!  You can choose to pose in the kitchen, the wet bar, or the living room! The owner of this home has meticulously decorated everything perfectly 1950s so stepping into this home feels like stepping back in time, and it will make the perfect backdrop for a pin up or vintage styled photo shoot.  Here is the flier.  As I write this we only have 3 spots left so email me at quickly to book!

I don't know if we will ever go back to shoot here, so book it while you have a chance! Here are a few more photos from the last time we shot there. 

Also, this September, Cherry Dollface is coming to Tulsa on her last tour!  If you haven't heard of Cherry Dollface, check out her Youtube channel here. She is a very experienced pin up model from LA with a huge social media following, and she is much deserving of it because she is an expert at what she does!  At these shoots she will be doing hair and makeup on all clients who book, and then you will do a shoot with me!  The first day of the shoot sold out within 2 days of announcing it, so we decided to add a second date, 9/17.  As I type this, we only have 3 spots left in this shoot, so email me asap to get in on this shoot before you miss out!  

Since I've had the privilege of teaming up on shoots with Cherry multiple times over the years, here are a few examples of hair and makeup she has done on Tulsa clients in the past!

You don't want to miss out on either of these last chance events, so email me at to book your shoot today!  

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Miss May in the 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar, Amber Dawn!

Introducing our May pin up model in the 20180 Pinup by Liz calendar, Amber Dawn! This sweet Tulsa model participated in our calendar mini session day late last year to be published in our calendar, and we're so glad she did!  Here are all of her chosen edits from our photo shoot, along with the bio she wrote! Make sure to show her some love on her Facebook page by clicking here!

Greetings! My name is Amber Dawn and I have been modeling for 5 years now.I have a huge passion for photography being both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. I have mainly shot shibari and fetish projects, but now the pin up bug has bitten me. I have shot for Images by Zorkinfot, C. Eldridge and recently Pinup by Liz. My photos have been mostly for private sources but wanting to branch out. I am a BBW, 5'5", 233 lbs with mid length brown hair and stunning hazel eyes. I have had the honor of being stage kitten for both Hullabaloo review and for the amazing Lollipop. In 2017, I participated as a contestant in the route 66 Patriot Fest car show and pin up contest. Looking forward to my journey ahead. XOXO

Monday, April 16, 2018

Miss April in the 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar: Jes!

I'm a little late getting this blog post out, but better late than never right? Here's our April model for our 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar, Jes!  We did a cute shoot on the midcentury living room set with Easter themes for the month of April.  Here's what she had to say about her shoot, followed by all of the photos from her set! I'm so glad she did this shoot and walked away from it with positive feelings! 

I’m just Jes. That’s what all my friends call me. I did this calendar shoot as a way to move past some deep rooted negative self image and anxiety issues. My wonderful husband secretly contacted Liz and selfishly asked her to make me Miss April. (His bday month) I felt so much angst going into this shoot, but I’m so glad I did. Liz and the other ladies are so incredible and encouraging. I love how Pinup embraces all shapes and sizes and considers every woman beautiful and sexy. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Pinup by Liz tips: How to become a pin up model

People often ask me "How do I become a pin up model?"  Now that I've been shooting pin up almost exclusively for over 6 years, I've learned some things about this subject. Quite a few local pinups have been born in my studio, so I thought I would write a blog post with everything I know about being a modern pin up girl.

First, know that for most pinup models, this is more of an expensive hobby than anything.  They do it because vintage fashion is a part of their lifestyle and they enjoy participating in the community. Basically they're doing it for love, not for money. I've seen some people get into pin up because from the outside it looks like you can do a couple of shoots and participate in a couple of contests and get social media famous overnight, and they end up disappointed in the pin up community for not meeting their expectations. Generally, not many people get paid to do pinup. Even  the "big names" usually have day jobs, and if they have actually reached the point where they are doing pinup modeling full time, they have usually been at it for years and are hustling every day to work on their brand and make an income just like a full time job.

So if you're into it, but you're not quite sure how to start, here are some tips I've picked up along the way in the pinup industry.

Build a portfolio - do a few pin up styled shoots so that you have a varied portfolio. You will find situations where you might need a good photo, like for entering a pinup contest or being involved in an event, and a professional well lit, properly posed portrait always looks better than a selfie or a photo taken by an amateur. I recommend working with a professional photographer experienced in pin up to help you nail the look authentically from hair and makeup to clothing to posing. I can definitely help you out with this! At the Pinup by Liz studio we have hair and makeup artists that are experienced pin up models, a wardrobe full of vintage style clothing, and a variety of vintage sets and props. I have been photographing pin up almost exclusively for 6 years now and am experienced with posing all body types for the perfect pin up look.

Decide if you want to use an alias - check out this past blog post for tips on choosing a stage name.

Have a bio at the ready - Sometimes there will be circumstances where you need to provide a biography about yourself as a pinup model, whether for a pinup contest, magazine publication, or something else. Go ahead and create a general bio to keep on file so that you can instantly provide it when asked.

Be professional - arrive to your appointments on time, reply promptly to emails, don't make people wait on you, show up sober, don't gossip, and just overall treat pinup modeling like you would a job or other professional position.  If you act unprofessional it will be noticed, and
whether it's a pin up photographer, a contest organizer, or someone that's depending on your presence, they're not going to forget about it and will probably pass on working with you in the future.

Promote yourself - use social media to your advantage! Create a model page, both on Facebook and Instagram and any other platform that is relevant to you, and keep it active.  Try to make a point to post at least once a week, even if it's just something random like a selfie, an event you're attending, or a new pair of shoes you're showing off.  Consider yourself a brand and your posts as marketing that brand. If you don't constantly remind people who you are and what you do, they're going to forget about you.

Get involved - go to events and introduce yourself to other pinups you see, enter into pinup contests, join groups on Facebook and interact, go to events that other people who enjoy the vintage culture are at, like burlesque shows, rockabilly concerts, or car shows, and talk to people.  Sitting in the corner and waiting for people to come to you won't help you grow or get known in the community. Approach people and say hi. Make some contact cards with your pinup name and social media links on it and hand them out when you meet new people. I know it's scary to put yourself out there, but it's a necessity if you want your name known.

Submit to magazines - Most magazines don't pay for publication.  People are usually surprised that they have to buy a copy of the magazine they are published in, but the reality is that most of the pin up magazines out there are independently run and they make their money off of the models that buy their issues.  But it's great to have some tear sheets, and to be able to credit your publications, plus it's just fun to see yourself in print in an actual magazine.  You can submit to magazines yourself, or ask your photographer to help you.  Personally, I'm happy to assist all of my clients who are interested in publication with submission.

Give credit - When you post professional photos on social media, don't forget to give credit by tagging everyone who played a part in making that photo possible, from the photographer to the hair and makeup artist, even the brands of clothing and accessories you're wearing in the photo if you'd like. Every single time you post. Giving shout outs helps these companies know that you appreciate their hard work and that you're happy to spread the word about their existence, and if a modeling opportunity comes up in the future, you'll be at the front of their mind.

Go into it with a good attitude, and learn to handle rejection professionally - If you find yourself placing blame on others because you didn't get chosen for publication, or didn't win a pin up contest, or didn't get picked to model for something, realize that rejection is a part of this business, and that feeling rejected is a part of life, and has nothing to do with the pinup community or even certain people, and most often has to do with how you approach the situation. Publicly blaming other people when you feel like something doesn't go the way you wanted it to makes you look unprofessional and keeps people from wanting to work with you in the future. If you don't get published, take a look at what the magazine is printing and see what you can adjust for future shoots to match the quality of the content that they are publishing.  If you don't place in a pin up contest, examine what the winner was doing, from hair to makeup to stage presence, and take some notes to make adjustments for your own performance in the next contest. In the end, this all about having fun, and there is no top of the ladder in the pin up world, so don't worry about trying to climb it.

So if you're in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and interested in getting started in pin up modeling, check out my packages at, and email me at to book your shoot to get started on your portfolio.  I can also help you submit to magazines and give you information on pin up related events in the area.  And if you're not local to my Tulsa studio, follow me on Facebook or Instagram to find out where I'm traveling next!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Miss March in the 2018 Pinup by Liz Calendar - Honey Lynn!

March already? I can't believe how fast 2018 is already going, but I'm incredibly happy to be getting so close to Spring! A new month means it's time to turn the page on your 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar to our featured model for March, Honey Lynn! Last October I did a calendar shoot where we photographed ladies from Oklahoma and other states from all walks of life on our vintage living room set with different themes for each month.  Honey booked to shoot for March, and I love how our St. Patrick's themed pin up photos turned out!

I first worked with Honey Lynn at our 2016 holiday themed mini session, and one of her photos from that shoot won a contest to be published on the cover of the holiday issue of Calendar Girls magazine that year. Since then she has been doing some pin up modeling, emceeing, and burlesque performances in the Tulsa area, and she's always a joy to be around.  I can't wait to see where this girl goes from here!

Here are all of the photos that she chose as her final edits from our shoot, and check out today's post on my Instagram or Facebook page to see her calendar page!