Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing...Pinup by Liz - Tulsa area boudoir and pinup photography!

Hi there! I'm Liz! That's me, in a photo taken a couple of years ago by my friend Dave Wolanski.   As you can possibly see, I kind of have a thing for vintage and pinup. 

I've been doing photography professionally for over 7 years now with my wedding and portrait business, Photos by Liz, and I've always intermittently done boudoir portraits whenever anyone hired me to.  I really enjoy shooting boudoir, lingerie, and pinup photography and in late 2011 I decided that it would be a good idea to get the pictures of pretty girls in their undies off of the same website that I post pictures of newborn babies on. It just felt right to make it a separate business, and to give a bigger focus to pinup, which is the best thing ever, in my mind. So Pinup by Liz was born! 

Expect this blog to include my work, random pinup and vintage ramblings, and whatever else I come across that I would like to share.  And if you are in the Northeast Oklahoma area, call me at 918 521 5975 or email me at to discuss booking your own boudoir or pinup photo shoot!  Stay tuned!

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