Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where can I buy clothes for my pin up shoot?

Getting a true pinup look to your photos comes down to a few things: the outfit and accessories you choose, and vintage style hair and makeup.  If you're not sure about vintage style hair and makeup, I have really great hair and makeup artists that can help you with that before your shoot.  As for the outfit, a cute vintage style dress or outfit, a retro bathing suit, or some sexy 50's style lingerie will set the pinup mood.  Accessories help a great deal as well.  Vintage style jewelry, hats, scarves and shoes can really make a picture pop! And stockings and garters.  Always stockings and garters.  The nice thing about pinup is that you can be as modest or as revealing as you want and still look amazing!

One of the questions that I most often hear from clients that are booking pinup shoots is "Do you provide outfits?"  Currently, the answer to that is mostly no. Right now there are just too many sizes, shapes, and personal tastes for me to accommodate them all.  Plus, bringing in an outfit and accessories that you've chosen is the best way to let your personality shine through in your pin up photos! I do have an ever-growing collection of vintage props and accessories that I'm happy to bring in for shoots.  When you book a session and we start planning what kind of theme you want it helps me know what to bring, and I can give you advice on what kind of outfit you might want to look for if you're not sure.

So, where can you buy vintage or vintage look clothing, shoes, and accessories? Since I collect vintage everything, I know of quite a few places! And for even more sources, I recently asked on my facebook page and got some great answers from some of the awesome pinup ladies on there!

My #1 source for great actual vintage items takes some patience, but is the least expensive.  I love hitting garage sales and thrift stores.  You usually have to go in with a bit of knowledge about vintage fashion, and plan to spend some time digging and examining labels.  This kind of stuff is exciting for me and feels like a treasure hunt!

In the Tulsa area there are a few stores that specialize in vintage clothing.  If you're looking for new modern pinup or rockabilly style clothing, Bubble Boutique on Cherry Street is the place to go. They carry a great selection of popular brands of shoes and clothes like Pinup Couture, Sourpuss and Too Fast.  They also have a great selection of consignment items that are vintage or pinup style. A long time favorite of mine for true vintage is Cheap Thrills. They are full of some really great vintage clothing and every once in awhile they have really big half off sales.  Also, right now the pinup look is gaining popularity, so it's a great time for die hard pinup girls and rockabillies to check out the "regular" stores to add to their wardrobe.  Models have mentioned getting great finds at places like Ross and Hot Topic recently, and I noticed some really cute vintage looking corsets and garter belts at Target the other day. 

There are also plenty of really great sources online: Modcloth, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Unique Vintage, Bettie Page Clothing,  Starlets & Harlots, and What Katie Did are all shops that receive great feedback from clients of mine.  There are so many more sources out there.  Great search terms to use when you're looking online are things like "vintage", "mid-century", or "rockabilly." 

And don't forget Etsy! There are tons of vintage items on there! Just start searching and you can get lost for hours. I have a shop on there selling vintage items and occasionally clothes, shoes and other accessories make their way into the shop. My shop name is Pretties by Liz.

I hope this helps all the lovely gals out there that are looking for places to shop! When you're ready to book your pinup session, email me at liz@photosbyliz.com and we'll start planning for the greatest shoot ever!

2014 Update:  If you choose to go to Bubble Boutique for your outfit, make sure to let them know that I sent you and that you're shopping for a Pinup by Liz shoot! Zoe can help you pull together an outfit from head to toe that will be great for a pinup style shoot! 

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