Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016! {Tulsa area pin up photography}

Happy New Year from Pinup by Liz!  I really can't believe it's already 2016.  2015 flew by!  I was overwhelmingly busy in 2015, and although I'm not complaining, it made me realize some of my own weaknesses and see places that I could improve.  My goal for 2016 is to work on those and make Pinup by Liz only bigger and better!

My first step in that process was to reach out for a little help.  Many people don't realize that for every hour spent in the studio shooting a client, there are a few hours of computer and behind the scenes work to be done.  Since I was overwhelmingly busy shooting in 2015, I was also overwhelmingly busy with behind the scenes computer work. Since I'm also a homeschooling mom, I was finding that there just wasn't enough time in the day to handle things! Turnaround times slowed and were not where I wanted them to be.  So I have reached out and hired an editor to help me with some of the most time consuming parts of the retouching process.  I'll make another post soon to properly introduce her and welcome her to the team, but in the meantime I'll just say that I'm incredibly excited to bring her in, which will give me more time to handle magazine submissions, client communication, and product development.  These were all things that need more attention and I wasn't able to give it because I was always swamped in editing!

Also, in order to keep our fans and clients informed of what's going on with the studio, upcoming local events, and more, I've decided to start a monthly email newsletter!  Want to sign up and get Pinup by Liz studio fun in your inbox every month?  Click this link!  The first one will go out next week!

We have some more big announcements and fun things coming up for Pinup by Liz in 2016.  Make sure to stay tuned to hear all the news!

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