Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oklahoma's pin up scene {Tulsa pin up photographer}

Now that I've had the opportunity to photograph pin up girls from across the country and even around the world, I often get asked about what the pin up scene here in Oklahoma is like, so I wanted to share my insights!  As a pinup photographer, I often get a behind the scenes look into this fun subculture! Since Oklahoma is in the middle of the country I think it is sometimes overlooked as having much of a "scene" in anything compared to what's happening on the coasts or in bigger cities, especially when we don't really have any major spokesmodels that go out of their way to nationally represent Oklahoma as a thriving pin up and vintage loving community, but we actually have a lot going on here! Both Tulsa and Oklahoma City have large pin up communities that regularly plan events.  Sometimes the local pin up girls have events on their own like photo shoots, lunches and other get togethers, and sometimes they blend in with the rockabilly community at concerts and car shows, and sometimes we can be found at other events like burlesque and bellydance shows supporting other local ladies.  Either way, most girls are supportive of each other and it's all about having fun and getting to know other girls who are into things like vintage fashion!

Some people have given the Oklahoma pin up community a bad reputation by spreading false rumors. I don't know if this stems from jealousy or a negative personality or what, but I urge everyone to please get to know people for themselves rather than judging people based on things they have heard!  You might be missing out on an awesome friendship by harboring negative feelings towards someone you don't even know!

Girls here really are supportive of one another.  It's so great to walk back stage at a pin up contest and see women helping one another with their hair or makeup, and happily handing out advice or tips.  Instead of being competitive and rude to each other, everyone is supportive and cheerful and friendly!

Since I became involved in the pin up community here, I am constantly busy and constantly surrounded by strong, smart, beautiful women that I'm proud to call my friends!  From pin up contests to car shows to burlesque events to rockabilly concerts, it seems like something is going on almost every weekend from about April to September.  I love having so many chances to do my hair and get dressed up and go out to hang out with other Okie pinup gals.

People often ask me how to get involved. If you're a local girl and interested in getting to know other girls in the local pin up scene, please don't hesitate to email me!  I'm always more than happy to point you in the right direction for events, Facebook groups, and other opportunities to join in! I know sometimes it's hard to get yourself out there, but taking that brave step and approaching a group of girls at a car show or pin up event might just get some new friends into your life!  And everyone really is nice! We have such a great, supportive community of women here that I'm so thankful to have met! Also, keep an eye on my Pinup by Liz Facebook page, as I always post about any local pin up related events that I'll be at on there!

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