Monday, February 29, 2016

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

Pinup by Liz goes to Viva Las Vegas!

I never made a blog post about Viva Las Vegas 2015, and since I've been spending some time preparing for Viva 2016, I thought today was a great chance to reflect on last year!

Last year was actually my first year to attend Viva.  I love car shows and rockabilly music and my husband and I have wanted to go for years but since I'm also a mom, leaving my kids for that length of time was never really feasible for me when they were smaller.  Last year, my kids were finally old enough for my husband and I to be able to take the trip!  Somehow the stars aligned perfectly and Cherry Dollface was looking for a photographer to team up with on photo shoots, and I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad I did because I got to meet so many great pinup girls from around the world and we got some wonderful photos. Here are just a few of the lovely ladies that we worked with at the Palms Hotel and Casino.  As you see we fully utilized the hotel suite for our shoots! Hair and makeup in all photos is by Cherry Dollface. 

I'm happy to be teaming up with Cherry again for Viva Las Vegas Number 19 in April. We still have an opening for a shoot like this on Tuesday, April 12th, if you would like to be the lucky lady who books!  Email me at for more info! 

Last year I also did a few shoots on my own at the car show, and they were just great! I'm offering Viva Car Show shoots again for 2016 and still have a couple openings, email me at for details!

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