Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meet Team Pinup by Liz: Meet Liz, the photographer

I want to use a few blog posts to introduce you to our team! We'll start with me!  I'm Liz Huckleby and I'm the photographer/owner of Pinup by Liz. I first discovered a love of photography when I took a darkroom class in high school in the 90's.  One of my first high school jobs was at a one hour film lab and being around photos every day fueled my love for the art of photography.  It was also in high school that I discovered vintage clothing and Bettie Page, two things that have continued to fascinate me well in to adulthood and sparked my interest in photography from the middle of the 20th century. After high school I dabbled in photography as a hobby, but found my place in the corporate world pretty quickly and tried my best to be what I felt was a "responsible adult."  In about 2005 I finally decided to pursue photography as a career and after some local and online classes, Photos by Liz was born.  I spent the next 5 years growing my business and learning everything about photography I could by poring through books, attending conferences and seminars around the country, and taking online courses all while I maintained an office job, and I had a great time shooting traditional portraiture such as weddings, senior portraits, families, and more.  Basically if you were willing to hire me for it, I was willing to photograph it.

Photo by Christina-Lola Photography
In 2011 I started to focus more and more on boudoir photography.  I immediately fell in love with photographing women and revealing the beauty in all body types.  I loved it so much, and still do, but I really loved 1950s style pin up girls and had admired pin up photography greats such as Irving Klaw and Bunny Yeager for years and I wanted to start creating my own pin up photos.  I started reaching out to some Tulsa area girls to pose for me, and really, the rest is history.  As more and more women started booking pin up shoots with me, I quit my day job and launched Pinup by Liz as a full time pinup and boudoir portrait studio in Tulsa, OK.  I used a shared studio co-op for years, but in January of 2015, Pinup by Liz moved into our own studio space in the heart of the Deco District in Downtown Tulsa.  We now have room for a great hair and makeup area, full wardrobe for our clients, and really cool sets and props for our shoots.

As for personal life, I live in Adair, which is a small town near Grand Lake about an hour away from my studio.  I'm married to an awesome guy who often assists with set builds and pretty much every heavy lifting aspect of my business, and I have two sons, ages 12 and 8, who I have homeschooled for over 5 years.  Besides pin up, I also love photographing Route 66, especially the stretch located here in my home state of Oklahoma.  I love to travel and explore offbeat places with my family, I love thrift store shopping and finding vintage treasures, and I love experiencing great live music performances.  Anytime my husband and I can get away for a date night, you'll usually find us at a rockabilly show.  I also like Cadbury eggs, PeeWee Herman, and vintage trailers.

At the Rt 66 World's Largest Totem Pole in Foyil, OK
I am currently living the dream by having the opportunity to photograph lovely ladies every single day that I go to work, and I am so thankful for the women that hire me. I hope to continue with Pinup by Liz for a long time.  Photographing women and getting to know their stories as I work with them is so fun.  I've made a lot of really wonderful friends that started as clients.  If you're reading this, I hope to hear from you too!  Email me at liz@photosbyliz to book an appointment.  I'd love to shoot with you!

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