Sunday, April 10, 2016

Meet Team Pinup by Liz: Katie Belle, studio makeup artist

Next in our meet the team series is Katie Belle! Katie is an accomplished bellydance performer and published pinup model.  She found a spot on our team when she offered to come help at a mini session day a few years ago.  Her talent in makeup artistry and the way she is such a calming force for nervous clients made me want her to keep coming back! Not only is she great at makeup, she is also a talented artist and has lent her skills to painting and decorating many of our sets.  Katie is also an important part of the team and helps with planning, set design, and constantly rescuing me when I forget my building key.  She has been part of team Pinup by Liz for almost 3 years now and hopefully will be for many more!   

Check out Katie's Facebook page here, and read below to see what she has to say about herself:

Hello, my name is Katie Belle. I was born here in Tulsa and am very proud to have lived here all my life. I have been a fan of vintage culture for as long as I cam remember, and began pursuing pinup in 2011. My extensive experience as a performer gave me a strong foundation in makeup, so I strong-armed my way into a gig with Liz and Betty in 2013. The results have been a truly epic ride! In addition to my day job managing a veterinary hospital, I am also a certified fitness instructor and teach at Shake It! Dance and Fitness in Sand Springs, Ok. I also have a beautiful daughter in college, an army of small mammals, and a wonderfully supportive and handsome husband.