Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Product review: Curlettes curlers for vintage hair styles

Over the last few years, I've really gotten more interested in practicing vintage hair styling methods.  Since curled hair is usually standard in vintage hair styles, learning the best way to curl my hair has been very important to me!  I regularly do overnight wet sets with pin curls, and if I'm short on time I do heat sets with a curling iron.  I was sent a set of Curlettes curlers for review and wanted to share the results with you!

Curlettes are handmade crocheted curlers, created by a retro loving gal in the UK who was looking for a comfortable alternative to curlers. They are advertised as "comfy curls for vintage girls." They are sturdy yet soft, and very well made.  Putting them in is very easy.  You just roll up a section of hair and pull the end of the flexible curler through the loop that is crocheted into the other end.   My hair is a little past shoulder length and thick and it took me about 10 minutes to put them in the first time, which is very fast compared to when I'm doing a pin curl wet set with bobby pins! One whole set of curlers was plenty for my hair, but I can see needing a second set if my hair was longer or if I wanted a style with smaller curls. The only product I used in my hair was Lottabody setting lotion.

The curlers are a little bulky, so I definitely noticed them when going to sleep on them, but they weren't so uncomfortable that they kept me awake, and they definitely weren't painful. I don't usually sleep on curlers, but rather flat pin curls, so it was a new feeling to me. The curlers are supposed to get a little more soft with continued use, and I'm sure that as I sleep on them more I'll get used to them being there!

I made one mistake with the curlers the first time I tried them.  My hair is thick and porous, and I know that if I roll it too wet it takes forever to dry. I usually let my hair air dry till it's about 75% dry before I start to set it. The first night I was excited to use them and it was getting late so I went ahead and rolled my hair about  half an hour after I washed it.  When I woke up the next morning my curls were still quite wet, so I sat under my vintage bonnet hair dryer while I did my makeup for the day, and then tied a scarf on to allow them to dry even more while I ran a few errands.  This night the curlers were in a total of 10 hours before I took them out, and they still never fully dried, but this was my fault because I know how my hair does and it wouldn't have dried in a regular pin curl set either! Even with damp curls, I still got a pretty cute curl, as shown below!

Two nights later, I gave it another go.  This time I started with dry hair and just spritzed it with setting lotion and put the curlers in and slept on it. They were in for about 8 hours this time. The results were so much better! My curls looked about the same as I do when I do a regular pin curl set with bobby pins, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  I'll probably still use pin curls in certain situations, but I'm definitely adding Curlettes to my hair styling routine! They are fast, comfortable, and put a really good vintage looking curl in your hair!

I definitely recommend Curlettes curlers to anyone looking for an option to curl their hair without heat!  They are faster to put in than traditional pin curl sets and give similar results!  Just like most vintage hair styling methods, they might take a few tries to get used to and to learn what is best for your hair length and texture, but I love the look they give! Make sure to like Curlettes on Facebook by clicking here. You can buy your own set of curlettes on Etsy by clicking this link! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Curlettes

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