Monday, January 29, 2018

Pinup by Liz tips - Back Up Your Digital Files!

Over the last month or so I've had a few different clients reach out to me with basically the same request - they lost the photos from their shoot and are hoping that I still have copies of them stored somewhere. Luckily, I have been able to help these ladies and I had their files backed up and was able to get them to them.  But I can't guarantee that I will always have someone's files and I would hate more than anything for a client to lose their photos forever! I shoot hundreds of clients and thousands of photos every year and I pay for hard drives and cloud storage space, so there are limits! Once I send your digital files to you, it is up to you to download them and back them up.  I recommend at minimum two different places other than a device such as your phone, like on a hard drive and a cloud storage server. Printing them for a hard copy is a wonderful step too. And this doesn't just go for professional photos, this is recommended for any important photos, documents, or other digital info that you would be upset about if you lost. If you lose your phone, or your laptop is stolen, or your iPad gets fried, you want to make sure you don't lose everything! Although I don't mind old clients reaching out to me to help them recover their old files, since it takes time away from other things for me to have to go back through old drives, I will probably start charging a small fee for my time for photo recovery requests in the future, so I definitely recommend backing up your files so I don't have to do that!

I have found that it helps if you make backing up your photos a regular habit.  Although I make a point to back up client photos regularly, I find that I am a little more relaxed when it comes to family photos, but I would be just as sad if I lost those!  So I try to make a point on the 1st of every month to go through my phone and personal photo files and back up all of the previous month's photos.

Here are some sources that I recommend:

Dropbox - I have used Dropbox for many years as a photographer.  For me it is extremely user friendly, and it has a mobile app so I can access my photos from literally anywhere.  They have a free account that is great for personal use, or some paid options if you need more space. I've tried some other cloud storage options and I always go back to Dropbox. Click here for my Dropbox referral link.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, they offer free photo storage. I have used it a bit and it is very user friendly and easy to access from multiple devices.

Google Drive is another one that I haven't personally looked into but I've heard some good things about it.

Actual hardware is another great option.  A thumb drive or external hard drive that you store somewhere outside of your home in the event of disaster is a great way to keep digital information backed up.  These are fairly inexpensive these days and can be purchased online or at most stores with an electronics department.

Honestly in the long run it doesn't really matter HOW you back up your important data.  It just matters that you DO IT.  Hopefully this blog post will serve as a reminder for that!  If you're a client and you ever have any questions about how to back up your photos after you download them, don't hesitate to shoot me an email to ask.  I don't mind helping you make sure you preserve the memories from our shoot!

And because this is a photo blog, here's a photo from a recent boudoir shoot with this beautiful Tulsa model, Crystal.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Miss January in the Pinup by Liz 2018 calendar - DeeDee Grand Prix!

Happy January! This year I plan to do a detailed blog post with each Pinup by Liz 2018 calendar model to show you each of their selected photos from their set.  So to start, here is Miss January, DeeDee GrandPrix! Isn't the 2018 headband she made for her shoot the cutest? I asked her to write a bio for me to include on this post, so here it is, followed by her set from her calendar shoot at our studio! If you still need to purchase your copy of the 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar, click here!

Hi there! I'm a vintage-loving mama of three adorable littles and wife of one hunka-hunka husband, and a pinup enthusiast! I have always been interested in the culture and styles of yesteryear, especially the 40's - 60's, but have never had the confidence in it until taking the plunge to do a pinup photo shoot...and the rest as they say, is history!

I have been attending vintage car shows since I was a kid riding in my Uncle's '63 Pontiac Grand Prix in the felt poodle skirt my mom made me, waving out the windows during cruise nite, and collecting cards on the Poker Run.  It was there that my love of vintage style and cars began, and I now have a greater appreciation for those experiences that have allowed me to rediscover my love of this classic genre.  Just last February, I had the opportunity to do my first ever pinup shoot.  Little did I know it was the empowering kick I needed!  Since then, I have found the confidence to enter contests and encourage others to feel that sense of "you can do it!".  I love the sense of nostalgia and hope to inspire others of any shape, age, and background to feel the same way.  Because there's really no better feeling than cheering on those who love it as much as you do and seeing them succeed!  Reflecting back on my childhood, riding around in that Pontiac really brings back some great memories and even inspired my pinup name: DeeDee Grand Prix!!  I also think it is important to give credit to those who have inspired us to embrace pinup in all forms and for me there are two icons who inspire me constantly.  The original pinup, Betty Grable, and my favorite modern day pinup, Miss Victory Violet.  Fun fact: I am actually related to Betty Grable on my grandfather's side and have always admired her poise and grace, and of course those hairdos!!  Theres something about a classic pinup that has an originality that we don't always see because they were the first to do it, and that's what draws me to it!  As for current ladies, Miss Victory Violet is a dream.  She embraces classic style in her every day life and is also gracious about social causes.  The melding of these two pinup icons is something I strive for as I learn more about it.  Overall, I've always loved everything about classic style but now feel the confidence to share it with others.  It's a wonderful way to meet new people and put a smile on the faces of others.  Between the beautiful lines of the cars and styles of yesteryear, and the excitement of being able to dress up for something nowadays, it's really the best!  If you want to follow along with me on my pinup adventures, you can find me on Instagram: @deedeegrandprix

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pinup by Liz - A look back and a look ahead

Happy 2018!  As it seems I do every year, I totally let this blog slack last year.  I'm trying yet again to get back to regular postings for the new year.  Starting with a quick look back.  2017 was pretty great for Pinup by Liz.  I photographed over 100 women both in studio and at multiple events.  In addition to having special guest Cherry Dollface visit the studio on her Spring tour, I also worked alongside her at both Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend and Nashville Boogie. My work was published in dozens of pinup magazines throughout the year, too many to mention here, plus my work was published on two covers during the year.  Once with a photo of Stacey B. Goode on the cover of Retro Dames Magazine,  and again on the cover of a pinup cookbook. I photographed clients at multiple local car shows, including the Stray Kat 500 in Dewey, OK, the Route 66 Patriotfest in Tulsa, OK, and the Route 66 Cruisers car show in Claremore, OK. I also had an art show with some of my pinup work at Lot 6 Art Bar and released a 2018 Pinup Calendar and had a fun release party for it. (Buy your calendar here by clicking here!) Here are a few behind the scenes photos from some of those events: 

Cherry Dollface at the Pinup by Liz studio in Tulsa, doing hair and makeup on local pinup model GenaLyne

Hanging out with Taylor Nicole, Miss Velvet Wren, Cherry Dollface, Modern June Cleaver, and the lovely Jayda at Nashville Boogie

Photographing local pin up Rebel Jackson after she won the pinup contest at Route 66 Patriot Fest in Tulsa

Photographing Canadian pinup model Tnah Atomic during Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

Guest judging at Poppy Pie's Burlesque Roulette with a couple Tulsa burlesque legends

Photographing Vera Fine at Nashville Boogie inside the beautiful Opryland Resort
Photographing Miss Daisy Dimples at the Route 66 Cruisers Car Show in Claremore
Our studio pin up hair and makeup class

At our 2018 Calendar Release Party at Lot 6 with some of my calendar girls!

So much more happened in 2017 and we had so much fun!  I'm so thankful for each and every person who booked a shoot or supported me in any way!  Now we're looking forward to 2018.  I plan to attend and book shoots at some of the same events, and to expand on the boudoir side of my work, but pin up will always have a special place in my heart and I plan to continue shooting it too!  I will be adjusting some of our package offerings, and plan to work with clients to get your photos off of your computer and into some printed products like albums so that they can forever be keepsakes. 

Follow along on our adventures online!  Find me on facebook at, or on Instagram and Twitter at @pinupbyliz.  Want to book? Email me at