Thursday, February 1, 2018

Miss February in the 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar - Madame Berlin!

Happy February!  For our 2018 Pinup by Liz calendar, I held a mini session day and photographed 12 women on our midcentury living room set.  We had a nice mix of women from all walks of life book, some with modeling history and some with no previous shoot experience.  I really love the way the calendar turned out and will be introducing each one at the first of each month.  Our Miss February is a repeat client who I have worked with multiple times a year for almost 5 years now.  She has become a wonderful friend over the years and I can't express how much her continued support of our studio and the Tulsa pin up community means to me! Here is Madame Berlin's bio, and all of the final edits from her calendar shoot for the month of February!  If you still need to purchase a copy of your calendar, buy one here!

Hi! I’m Madame Berlin and it’s an honor to be featured on Pinup by Liz’s blog. I wanted to model because who doesn't want to be paid to get all dolled up in beautiful clothing? But I was always told I could never be one....too short and too heavy. Working with the Linda Layman Agency changed that for me. I learned there was a wide world out there that accepted all shapes and sizes! Thirty-five years ago I began doing runway & plus size modeling.

I love beautiful material and beautiful styles and  there’s nothing I enjoy more than the feeling I get when wearing a beautiful garment, and for me, the best way for me to document my life is wearing certain fashions and having my picture taken while wearing the clothes I love so much

I had my first First magazine publication in October 2014 Pink Peacock Pinup Magazine with a Halloween themed shoot by Pinup by Liz. I’ve been featured in Pinup by Liz’s annual calendar as well!

My style has always been influenced by the high glam meets goth styles of Morticia Addams and Lily Munster, watching them in the mid sixties absolutely helped shape my signature style. When Elvira debuted in the 80s she instantly became my most beloved icon. She’s sexy, funny & an unapologetic. Her style is the epitome of goth glam & also timelessly classic in it’s own way. She really spoke to who I am as a person.

Another fashion icon I look to for inspiration is Auntie Mame, the eccentric 1920s socialite lead character in the movie of the same name. Her eclectic, glamorous style and a spunky personality all her own. Elvira crossed with Auntie Mame--that sounded like how I wanted to live my life and I am living the dream daily.

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