Monday, May 23, 2016

Pinup by Liz tips: Choosing your pin up name!

Models who are entering in to the pin up world sometimes feel the need for a stage name to use in place of their real name.  Although a model name isn't necessary, some pinups feel the need to select an alias for many reasons - perhaps you have a corporate career, a private life that you don't want your pin up work to get mixed in with, or just desire general privacy and security when posting your photos on the internet or being published in magazines.  I like to say that many pin up models have been born in my studio because some clients have actually chosen their stage names during their photo shoots! I personally don't use an alias, but from speaking to my clients and other models who use pinup names, I've learned some dos and don'ts that you may want to remember when choosing your name.


- Cross search Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc, to make sure that your newly chosen name isn't already in use by another pin up model, a burlesque dancer, a drag queen, or other types of personalities. Using a name that's already in use by someone else, even if they are in another state or another genre, could cause confusion for fans and in work as your name grows.
- Select something that suits your personality.  If you tend to be a light and bubbly person, choosing a name that sounds dark and mysterious might seem strange, and vice versa.
- If you think that you might want to use pin up as a springboard for professional modeling, keep in mind that something too cheesy might feel less professional later on in your career, and once your name is established, it's hard to change.
- Remember that as you meet other people in the scene, you may begin to be addressed by your pin up name instead of your legal name. Many of my friends in the pinup world have model names and that's what I always address them by, even after knowing them for years! So choose something you enjoy going by! If you prefer to be addressed by your real first name, you might use your first name as the first part of your model name and select a fake last name to go with it.


- Stress too much over it!  This is all for fun!
- Change names multiple times.  Try to find something and stick with it!  Going through multiple model names just gets confusing, especially if you're really trying to build a brand for yourself under your model name!
- Use someone else's name.  If you have your heart set on a name and find that another model is already using it, simply find something else.  Even if that model works in another state or even another genre, you're going to find that even the international pin up community is surprisingly small and you want to make sure your name is original!

A few more tips...

Take the time to sit down and brainstorm!  Get out a sheet of paper and a pen and really spend some time thinking about it before you choose something permanent. I recommend maybe starting by listing your hobbies, favorite colors, qualities, etc, and going from there. Some girls use car terms, or classic movie terms, or terms that have to do with things they enjoy. Others use an older relative's name or the name of a classic actress or model who inspires them. Find something that's personal and unique to you! Here's a cute meme I found that may seem a little cheesy, but actually gives you a good place to start with some common terms used in popular pin up name phrases!

And because this is a photography blog, here are a few local models and their pin up names!

Strawberry D'Light

Miss Luna Raven

Vera DeLux

So there you have it!  After you have your pin up name, email me at to book a shoot! As always, we can guarantee publication in pin up magazines and help you get that new model name in print!

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